Sport Massage Therapy

A sport massage is a method of rehabilitating the body’s soft tissues including tendons and ligaments. The are many aspects of this massage designed for athletes. There is the warm-up massage, a post-event massage to cool the body down, one to prevent injury and for maintenance.

The pre-event sports massage is usually done at the venue 20 minutes before the start of the sporting event. It is done to increase neural and peripheral blood flow, therefore, heightening awareness. The massage is usually done when the athlete is sitting up. If it is done when the patient is lying down the body will release hormones that promote rest and relaxation. The athlete may end up taking a nap instead of doing a warm up. The only people who do a pre-event massage lying down are overly-excited athletes and players whose sport requires them to keep calm like shooting.

During this massage, the body heats up especially the muscles and this prepares them for exertion during the event. Risk of getting an injury is also lowered.

It is also important to note that during the pre-event a deep massage on primer muscles like the hamstring should only be done in case of injury or any other predetermined reason.

The whole pre-event massage usually takes 5-7 minutes and may involve stretching.

The post-event massage is usually aimed at returning the body to the state it was before the sporting event. The massage focuses on:

Reducing peripheral swelling caused by the event

Reducing muscle tone that increases during the event

Restoring the body’s range of motion

Reducing neuromuscular activity

According to athletes, the massage decreases the feeling of heaviness’, reduces any pain or discomfort and improves mobility.

The last one, the maintenance sports massage is the most demanded type of clinical pilate. It is intended for the athletes general well being and may be able to address the following conditions.

Lower back pain


Sport injuries

Neck pain

Acute and chronic injuries

Sciatica/Sciatic Nerve pain

Postural problems

Elbow or shoulder pain/restriction

Cervicogenic headaches

Ankle, Knee and Hip Pains Carlton sport massage therapy is designed to ensure the athlete's body is ready for the next sporting event. It is for the professional athlete and for those who consider themselves athletes even without being professional.Each therapy treatment is designed for the individuals specific needs. The main goal of the message is general health and well-being of anyone who exercises regularly. 

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