Reformer Pilates: More Dynamic and Intense Exercise

Clinical Pilates in Carlton  Before we discuss the different  Clinical Pilates in Carlton, let us first discuss what are Pilates reformer. The reformer is the most  popular type of Pilates wherein the exercise done on the reformer is more  dynamic and intense as it promotes strength, endurance, flexibility as well as  balance through the continuous pushing and pulling of the carriage or even by  simply holding the carriage while being pulled down by strings. If you are the type of person who wants to  focus on just building muscles but doesn’t want to “bulked-up” much like the body builders you can see on television, then this is the best type of exercise for you.

Now aside from what Pilate  promote such as strength, endurance, flexibility and the like, it also helps in  reducing lower back pain and almost all back pains as it helps in relax tense
muscles caused by different things.  Also, if you regularly spend time in Pilates reformer, you will burn  enough calories, starting from 200-250 calories every 30 minutes for beginners  and up to 450-500 calories for those who are doing advances exercises. Burning calories through the use of Pilates reformer together with diet will definitely  help in losing weight, which is the common goal of many people.

With all these health and social  benefits that is in store for you when using Pilates reformer, then what else  are you waiting for?

There is no time to waste when it  comes to exercise, building and maintaining a healthy body. It works for people in different ages,  personalities, way of life, may you be a student, professional or an elderly  who just wants to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are around Carlton,  Victoria and can’t wait to try these Pilates reformer, below are some of the  clinical Pilates in the area that you can visit.

· Balance & Control Pilates Studio

· Melbourne Osteohealth Carlton

· Panacea Movement Medicine

Visit one of these places now and start enjoying the benefits of reformers!

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